IT Recruiters List

Before contacting the list of recruiters below, I always do my homework first. Scroll down for my checklist.

Altis HR / Altis Technology Recruitment
Bay Street Staffing
ProViso Consulting
S.I. Systems
Soroc Technologies
TATA Consultancy Services
TekStaff IT
VTRAC Consulting Corporation
Ward Technology Talent

Update Your Resume

Find the Job Description and add keywords that have been used to your resumé. This helps your current recruiter and other recruiters at the company to find your resumé when they perform searches in the future.

However, this doesn’t mean you add 50 keywords to the bottom of your resumé, a smarter move would be to integrate it into your “Job Experience” and “Skills” sections.

For example, Maintained and managed Citrix 7.6 PVS farms integrated with NetScaler ADX would be a good way to integrate keywords Citrix, NetScaler and PVS.

Be One Step Ahead of the Recruiter

If it’s your first time contacting the recruiter, chances are they won’t have your resume in their database. Don’t e-mail them, CALL them. When you call them, they’ll ask for your name and look for your resume… and they won’t find it! Then they’ll ask you to send your resume and that’s when you hit the SEND button of your pre-written e-mail describing who you are with your resume attached. Why? Because they receive 100 e-mails or resumes a day, you won’t stand out if you just e-mail them and wait for a response.

Keep it short and sweet. if your recruiter spends more than 40 minutes with you on the phone, they’re either new to the industry, really interested in you or you caught them at a really good time.

Bullet 1 = Your Personality Strengths
Bullet 2 = Your Job Experience
Bullet 3 = Your IT Skills.

Hello Recruiter’s Name,
I hope you’re doing well. I am interested in the position of Position Title (Job Reference ID#ABC123). I have included my resume and a brief summary below for your review and consideration.
— Insert 3 bullet points here —
If you have any questions or concerns, please call/text/email me at 416-123-4567.
Thank you,
First & Last
Phone Number

What’s Your Expected Pay Rate / Salary?

I used to hate this question however after a few years and contracts, I realize this question is used to see how much they can pay you. If you say $40/hr and the job normally pays $80/hr, you’ve ruined your chance of getting anything close to it and will have to squeeze a few extra bucks out of them once there’s interest or an offer on the table after being interviewed and wanted.

Ask other consultants in the market if they’ve applied for the job / role and see what the pay range is, and if possible how much the other consultant was offered.

If they’re more qualified or senior than you, asking for a lower rate than what they were offered is an aggressive move and will likely land you the job. However, this can hurt you in the long run if you end up getting the job as you may feel undervalued for the workload you’re taking on.

The other option you have is getting a friend to call and ask for the “pay range” since recruiters don’t like giving a fixed number and are trying to pay you the lowest hourly rate so that they have higher margins. Don’t feel like you’re being robbed, this is how the industry works. The recruitment firms are there to help screen candidates and make sure they’re fit for the job. It also allows the hiring company to save time on finding the right candidate. It’s sales and at the end of the day and they’re getting you a job.

Based on what I’ve seen, the pay rate you’re offered (anything under $70/hr) is 75% of the total rate that the company is paying the recruitment firm. So the company you work for might be paying $70/hr but you’re only seeing $45/hr to $50/hr on your contract.

Rules of Engagement

If you contact anyone for a job, don’t wait for them to call you back. Call them every 1 to 2 days.

If you’ve heard of the saying don’t put all your eggs in 1 basket, this is the best time to do it. Do NOT contact one recruiter expecting to find a job soon, contact ALL of them. Send them your resume and ask them for feedback especially if there’s a job you’re applying for.

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