Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

I use these shortcuts to speed up daily tasks. If you’re manually clicking on on START > RUN, I highly recommend you start using the Windows + R key to launch the Run… window and then type in these shortcuts.

Windows OS

appwiz.cpl – Add/Remove Programs
calc – Calculator
certmgr.msc – Certificates (USER)
certlm.msc – Certificates (COMPUTER)
control – Control Panel
control printers – Launch Printers
control schedtasks – Launch Task Scheduler (alternative: taskschd.msc)
control update – Launch Windows Update
desk.cpl – Display Properties (screen resolution)
diskmgmt.msc – Disk Management
devmgmt.msc – Device Manager (alternative: HdwWiz.cpl)
dnsmgmt.msc – DNS Management
dsa.msc – Active Directory Users and Computers
dssite.msc – Active Directory Sites and Services
firewall.cpl – Windows Firewall
inetcpl.cpl – Internet properties
intl.cpl – Regional Settings properties
main.cpl – Mouse properties
mspaint – Microsoft Paint
ncpa.cpl – Network Connections / Network Adapter Settings
notepad – Notepad
snippingtool – Snipping Tool
sysdm.cpl – System properties and Add New Hardware wizard
TimeDate.cpl – Date/Time properties
wf.msc – Windows Firewall Advanced Setting
winver – Show Windows Version (About Windows)
winupdmgr – Windows Update (Server 2003)
wuapp – Windows Update (Win 7/Server 2008 and 2012)
control update – Windows Update (Win 10/Server 2016)

Ctrl + Alt + Esc – Task Manager
Ctrl + Alt + End – Sends Ctrl+Alt+Del command to an RDP session or VM (Windows and Hyper-V)
Ctrl + Alt + Insert – Sends Ctrl+Alt+Del command to a VM (VMware)

Win+Pause/Break – System (Computer > Properties)
Win+I – Windows 10 Settings
Win+. or Win+; – Launch Emoji keyboard

Windows Server

control admintools – Launch Administrative Tools
certmgr.msc – Certificates (USER)
certlm.msc – Certificates (COMPUTER)
certsrv.msc – Certificate Authority
dnsmgmt.msc – DNS Manager
domain.msc – Active Directory Domains and Trusts
dsa.msc – Active Directory Users and Computers (a.k.a. Directory Services Administration)
dssite.msc – Active Directory Sites and Services
inetsrv – Opens System32\inetsrv folder (opens IIS install folder)
inetmgr.exe – Launch IIS MAnager
virtmgmt.msc – Hyper-V Manager
control update – Windows Update (Server 2016)
wuapp – Windows Update (Server 2008 / 2012)
winupdmgr – Windows Update (Server 2003)

SCCM / ConfigMgr

control smscfgrc – Launch Configuration Manager client
softwarecenter: – Launch Software Center
wuapp or winupdmgr or control update – Windows Update
winmgmt /verifyrepository or /salvagerepository – Check WMI Repo / Repair WMI Repo

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